Nicola is a freelance writer and editor based in Los Angeles covering the intersection of consumer culture and pop culture. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar Malaysia, V Magazine, Vanity Fair, GQ, and more. Additionally, Nicola has worked on brand voice and creative copy for clients including Rag & Bone, Garmentory, and Lola.


Personal favorites: On Oakland, CA-based queer skate community Unity [The New York Times]; on Franchise, a basketball magazine for aesthetes [Fashionista]; on Gucci Garden and next-wave experiential retail [Forbes].

More: On the reprise of En Vogue [V Magazine 113, print only]; on actress Sofia Boutella [Harper's Bazaar Malaysia 15th anniversary cover]; on Glossier offline [Forbes]; on High Maintenance co-creator Ben Sinclair's global discoveries [GQ]; on Russell Westbrook's fashion brand [Forbes]; on Banana Republic and NBA All-Star Weekend [Forbes]; on VFiles x Mountain Dew, of all things [Forbes]; on Mother's Day [GQ];on H&M losing The Weeknd [Forbes]. 


Personal favorites: on costuming for David Lynch [Vanity Fair]; on the 'influencer prom' that was the Revolve Awards [Fashionista] on Instagram profiles [The Verge]

More: On text threads [The Verge, podcast]; on emerging, female-designed streetwear line Billy [Fashionista]; on costuming 'Broad City' [Fashionista]; on costuming 'Insecure' [Fashionista]; on the rise of the AI fashion police [The Verge]; on The Velvet Underground's 50th [V Magazine]; on Amazon Fashion and Dwayne Wade [The Verge]; on Moon Juice and the food world [Eater]; one-on-one with Bella Hadid [Fashionista].


Personal favorites: On the popular girls of Instagram [Man Repeller].

More: On the popular girls of Instagram [Man Repeller]; on Standing Rock assistance [New York Magazine]; on boutique meditation [New York Magazine]; on Hot Topic [Fashionista]; on Revolve Beauty and UGC [Fashionista]

(2015 and prior coming soon, however ironically.)