For Bazaar’s 15th anniversary issue, dancer-turned-actress Sofia Boutella discusses learning English with Madonna and acting alongside Jodie Foster.


The New York Times — A Place For Us To Skate

Unity is a queer skateboarding collective in California, designed as a haven from the sometimes-hostile environment the sport has fostered.


Whether or not it’s your kind of sound, you should tune in to the act’s larger message of self-invention, perception, and being whoever you want to be (and, whatever that is, doesn’t have to be a radical, complicated statement).


When I don’t understand things, my default is to research exhaustively and objectively. But the whole thing with “cool” is that it can’t be deduced to defined elements. The glue of cool is elusive, and that’s elemental to the draw.


Similar to Girls and Broad City before it, the costuming on Insecure so accurately mirrors what ladies dress like today — contrast with, say, the hyper-glamorous Sex and the City — that it's easy to imagine each cast member showed up to set in her own clothes. In reality, it's the hard work of costume designer Ayanna James who brings Issa, Molly, Lawrence, and the rest of the cast to life with scene-specific outfits.


Why everything is "so you" right now


Gucci's latest retail endeavor is one for the history books — quite literally, as it's situated within a 14th-century palazzo in Florence, Italy.